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For over three decades, our experienced Los Angeles estate planning, asset protection and expert tax attorneys have met each client’s unique planning needs by collaborating with our longtime partners—attorneys, accountants, business managers, financial planners, stockbrokers and insurance professionals. Read the client and professional testimonials on Givner & Kaye to see how our expert tax attorneys, estate planning lawyers and asset protection professionals can help you to save money on taxes, make more money and gain peace of mind over all estate planning, tax planning, tax litigation and asset protection matters.

As a taxpayer, your job is to ensure that all of your finances, assets, and incomes are in compliance with all of the necessary authorities, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) and the California State Board of Equalization (SBE).

As expert tax attorneys, estate planning and asset protection professionals our job is:

• To help you navigate the often arduous procedures necessary to keep you out of the government’s crosshairs,
• To represent and support you when your audits and/or hearings with the IRS, FTB, or SBE go poorly,
• To help you save income taxes,
• To help protect your assets from creditors,
• To show you how the estate tax is essentially a “voluntary” tax,
• To ease the process of planning for the distribution of your estate through living trusts, wills, durable powers of attorney, life insurance trusts, dynasty trusts, charitable trusts, and more,
• To develop sophisticated retirement and post-mortem plans,
• To establish your entity on a solid foundation as a Limited Liability Corporation, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, General or Limited Partnership, Business Trust, or other alternative
• And to draft critical documents for your business, including Employment Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements, Phantom Stock Plans, & more!

We at Givner & Kaye recognize that when it comes to choosing a tax lawyer or choosing someone to help you with your estate planning, estate tax planning, asset protection, post-mortem planning, IRS audits and appeals, business agreements, and entity formation and maintenance, you have many options. There are countless tax lawyers who claim they can help lower your taxes.

As a boutique law firm consisting of lawyers with over 75 years of experience, Givner & Kaye can not only save you income taxes, but can also help you put in place sophisticated estate plans, estate tax plans, asset protection plans, post-mortem plans, and more that will ensure your hard-earned assets stay with you and your family rather than finding their way into the hands of the government or future frivolous plaintiffs.

Givner & Kaye also represents and supports you in front of the IRS, FTB, and SBE when you run into problems with these tax institutions. As expert tax litigators, we can represent you in audits, appeals, protests, settlements, and hearings to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. Whether your trouble stems from income audits, offers in compromise, installment payments, retirement plan audits, penalties, estate and gift tax audits, Tax Court litigation, SBE hearings, or FTB audits, the tax attorneys and tax litigators at Givner & Kaye can work with you and your CPA to guide you through the process.

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Givner & Kaye has been regarded as one of California’s most prestigious and sophisticated tax planning firms. Bruce Givner has been practicing tax law for over thirty years.

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I came to Bruce and Owen with a complicated tax and estate planning issue. I found them to be two of the brightest and most creative attorneys I have ever met. If you want superior results, you have to contact these guys.

Case Results
Case 1: The Developer: This couple owned a residence worth $2 million (subject to a $1 million mortgage), $40 million in various brokerage accounts, and LLCs in a variety of projects with questionable value given the real estate market’s downturn.

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