Business Agreements

If you own a closely held corporation or business and are looking to draft essential documents and contracts, then the business agreement professionals at Givner & Kaye are here to help. With almost 8 decades of experience, the attorneys at Givner & Kaye can provide you with professional advice and specialized guidance when it comes to preparing Corporate Recapitalizations, Employment Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements, Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans, Phantom Stock Plans, and more. Givner & Kaye’s experienced business agreement attorneys can also give authoritative counsel when it comes to selling your business, the businesses’ assets, stock, or membership interests. With such significant tax consequences for poor preparation, it is vital that you let the business agreement professionals at Givner & Kaye help you through the process and deliver the highest-quality business documents and contacts possible.

If you're selling your business or need a buy-sell agreement with a partner, you need to contact Givner & Kaye. We have experience in this field.


"We help owners of closely held corporations and businesses draft critical contracts."

These Include:

  • Corporate Recapitalizations
  • Employment Agreements with owner-employees and key employees
  • Non-qualified plans of deferred compensation
  • Buy-sell agreements among owners
  • Phantom Stock Plans

We also counsel owners who are considering:

  • Selling their business’ or assets
  • Selling the business' stock or membership interests

"Because the tax consequences are significant, our experienced tax attorneys provide advice that combines practical business advice with sophisticated tax planning."

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