How Do I Know If My CPA Is Doing A Good Job?

by Bruce Givner on January 13, 2012

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Most taxpayers have not had the experience of working with enough CPAs to know if their CPA is excellent, good or mediocre. How do you know?  There is, of course, no black and white test. If you want good tax planning ideas, you should talk to Givner & Kaye. The CPA that is superb for you, may be a so-so for someone else. It depends upon whether you have a small business, or are retired. If you have a closely held business, do you have 100 employees? Or is it just you, your spouse and a secretary?  Does your business involve manufacturing? Import and export? Entertainment? Medical practice? The CPA who is superb at representing doctors may be mediocre at representing an internet company.

The most important test is “how do you feel?”  Do you feel comfortable?  Does the CPA call you prophylactically? Is the CPA thinking about you without being asked? Or do you only talk to the CPA when it is time to prepare your return? Does the CPA only respond to your questions? Do you only hear about good tax planning ideas, like a defined benefit pension plan from your golfing buddies?  Or from an article in the Wall Street Journal?  Do you only hear about the need to protect your assets from a friend of yours who just got sued?

Whether your CPA is doing a good job for you is based upon your particular situation and your expectations. If you have any doubts at all, you must talk to a friend, relative or business colleague. If you were going to have an operation, you would get a second opinion. Talking to another CPA is not showing disloyalty to your CPA: it is giving yourself new information and options, and you owe that to yourself. If you want good tax planning ideas, contact Givner & Kaye today. (310) 207-8008

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