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In Broadcast Media

Bruce Givner was recently interviewed by Ed Tyll on Starcom Radio Network, topics included the estates of both Prince and Michael Jackson, tax issues encountered by Wesley Snipes and the Internal Revenue Service.

Bruce Givner on Inside Edition discussing Prince

Bruce Givner on KTLA discussing Lamar Odom

Bruce Givner on Amanda Bynes Conservatorship

Bruce Givner on Donald Sterling vs. NBA on KTLA Money Smart

Bruce Givner appears on KTLA Money Smart to Discuss the Benefits of Wills and Living Trusts

Bruce Givner Discusses Philip Seymour Hoffman's Will on ET

Bruce Givner Appears on KTLA Money Smart to Discuss Little Known Tax Breaks

In Print Media

Bruce Givner was recently quoted in People's article, "Inside Brad and Angelina's Divorce: How Much Does Their Kids' Lifestyle Cost", Click here to view the article

Bruce Givner has been quoted extensively in the media regarding Donald Sterling and the sale of the NBA team the Los Angeles Clippers. Here's an article quoting Bruce from, and another from ABC News.

Bruce Givner was quoted and referenced in Neil Parmar’s Wall Street Journal article - A Global Love Affair. Please click here to view the full article.

In the recent Daily Journal article, regarding Givner & Kaye and Estate Tax battles with the IRS, it is declared - Taxpayers, 3, IRS 0. Read The Full Article - Daily Journal Article.

The expert advice of Tax Attorney Bruce Givner was recently featured in an article by Reuters Money - Perma-Interns: Is Working For Free a Good Career Bet. When asked about what deductions one can claim, Bruce offered the insights, “The key is you must show reportable pay for tax purposes. How can you deduct expenses if you don’t show any income?” For a full copy of the article visit Reuters Money, or contact Givner & Kaye today.

Givner & Kaye has been regarded as one of California’s most prestigious and sophisticated tax planning firms. Bruce Givner has been practicing tax law for over thirty years. The firm represents over 75 years of experience in complex matters of estate planning, asset protection, tax planning, retirement planning and tax defense.

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