Income Tax Planning

Let’s face it: income tax planning can be a difficult process, especially in uncertain times. Most tax accountants will generally qualify their tax planning advice with statements such as “if tax rates go up” or “if Congress extends the current tax law.” Even without these uncertainties, it is more than likely that you are paying more on your income taxes than you legally have to, and you don’t even know it! Luckily for you, the experienced income tax planning attorneys at Givner & Kaye are here to help. When it comes to income tax planning, Givner & Kaye can work with you and your CPA to design sound tax strategies which reduce the amount of taxes you pay and contribute to your overall financial security. With almost 8 decades of tax planning experience, our tax lawyers will use their encyclopedic knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code to your advantage.

If you want to save $100,000-$1,000,000+ through income tax planning you need to contact the income tax planning professionals at Givner & Kaye today.


"We work in partnership with clients’ CPAs to determine permissible techniques available to reduce taxable income—ranging from basic strategies such as retirement plans, to complex strategies including charitable lead annuity trusts and establishing a captive insurance company owned by a dynasty trust."

In income tax planning, timing is critical. Discuss your income tax planning needs with us at the beginning of the year.

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Givner & Kaye advises clients about the tax consequences of in-bound and out-bound transactions, and in the planning and implementation of offshore structures.  We also help clients with maintenance and associated compliance issues.

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