Internal Revenue Code – Subtitle F: Chapter 77

Chapter 77 - Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 7501 - Liability for Tax Withheld or Collected

Section 7502 - Timely Mailing Treated as Timely Filing and Paying

Section 7503 - Time for Performance of Acts Where Last Day Falls on Saturday, Sunday or Legal Holiday

Section 7504 - Fractional Parts of a Dollar

Section 7505 - Sale of Personal Property Acquired by the United States

Section 7506 - Administration of Real Estate Acquired by the United States

Section 7507 - Exemptions of Insolvent Banks from Tax

Section 7508 - Time for Performing Certain Acts Postponed by Reason of Service in Combat Zone or Contingency Operation

Section 7508A - Authority to Postpone Certain Deadlines by Reason of Presidentially Declared Disaster of Terroristic or Military Actions

Section 7509 - Expenditures Incurred by the United States Postal Service

Section 7510 - Exemption from Tax of Domestic Goods Purchased for the United States

Section 7511 - Repealed

Section 7512 - Separate Accounting for Certain Collected Taxes, etc.

Section 7513 -Reproduction of Returns and Other Documents

Section 7514 - Authority to Prescribe or Modify Seals

Section 7515 - Repealed

Section 7516 - Supplying Training and Training Aids on Request

Section 7517 - Furnishing on Request of Statement Explaining Estate of Gift Valuation

Section 7518 - Tax Incentives Relating to Merchant Marine Capital Contruction Funds

Section 7519 - Required Payments for Entities Electing Not to Have Required Taxable Year

Section 7520 - Valuation Tables

Section 7521 - Procedures Involving Taxpayer Interviews

Section 7522 - Content of Tax Due, Deficiency, or Other Notices

Section 7523 - Graphic Presentation of Major Categories of Federal Outlays and Income

Section 7524 - Annual Notice of Tax Delinquency

Section 7525 - Confidentiality Privileges Relating to Taxpayer Communications

Section 7526 - Low-income Taxpayer Clinics

Section 7527 - Advance Payment of Credit for Health Incurance Costs of Eligible Individuals

Section 7528 - Internal Revenue Services User Fees