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by Bruce Givner on April 23, 2013

Following a similar plot line from Season 2 of USA’s cable show “Necessary Roughness,” the IRS is now facing its own “pay to play” sex scandal in real life. According to a lawsuit filed by Vincent Burroughs of Fall Creek, OR, during a tax audit the assigned female IRS agent coerced him into having sex by threatening to assess a severe tax penalty if he did not have sex with her. The lawsuit, filed in a Eugene, OR, federal court, lists the IRS agent, Dora Abrahamson, and the federal government as defendants and asks for an award of unspecified punitive damages.

According to the lawsuit, the IRS agent contacted Burroughs about his audit. She then began to flirt with him via the telephone and text messages. When she showed up to his home a month later, the IRS agent told Burroughs that if he gave her what she wanted, she would give him what he needed, which included not being assessed a 40 percent tax penalty. Burroughs had sex with the “scantily clad” female agent that day.

Burrough admits he didn’t report the agent’s advances immediately, but claims it was "out of embarrassment and fear that she would cause substantial financial penalties to be imposed upon him.”
While this allegation represents an unusual method of audit for the IRS, sexual scandals by investigative agents is not unknown. Recently the NCAA began an investigation of itself when it was determined that several NCAA investigators acted sexually improper during the investigation of the University of Miami football program, alma mater of 2013 Super Bowl champion Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis. This situation also points out why using a skilled tax professional to handle tax audits is some of the best advice an audited taxpayer can receive.

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