Los Angeles Income Tax and Estate Planning Attorney Bruce Givner Comments on Protecting Your Digital Assets After Death

by Bruce Givner on August 21, 2012

“Digital assets are valuable; unfortunately few people think of these assets when estate planning,” explained Los Angeles Income Tax and Estate Planning Attorney Bruce Givner.  “That can be costly, but avoidable by consulting an experienced estate planning attorney.”

One problem, few people know what digital assets are!  Digital assets include emails, blogs, PayPal, and eBaying, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.  If it “lives” online, it’s a digital asset and estate planning should include not only who inherits these online assets, but who can access, manage, and/or shut these digital assets down after we die.

“Every individual who also “lives online” should keep a list of his or her online accounts, including user names and passwords,” noted Givner.  Our “Confidential Personal Information Checklist,” which we ask new clients to complete, contains one full page asking about digital assets.

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