Our Process

We jointly work with other professionals to showcase their expertise and role as a trusted advisor.  We’ve described our process, “Review – Design – Implement – Maintenance”

(RDIM) below:

  • Review: Working with you, we review the client’s objectives, situation and documents to make sure that we understand what everyone wants to achieve.  Our estate planning and expert tax attorneys will examine all of the facts (tax returns, estate plan documents, operating agreements, retirement plans, etc.) and then meet with the client and the client’s other advisors to review the client's goals and objectives.
  • Design: Keeping you fully apprised, we design a comprehensive plan to help the client reach the expressed goals, whether it’s minimizing estate and income taxes, protecting assets or maximizing the future value of an IRA.  Our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills estate planning lawyers and expert tax attorneys will take what we have learned during the review and use charts, diagrams, calculations and narratives to prepare structures that will  meet the client's goals and objectives.  The structures are presented in a half or full day meeting with the entire advisory team.  At the end of the design meeting, we assign fixed fees, responsibilities and timetables for each selected structure.
  • Implement: With your and the client’s approval, we implement the agreed upon plan and structures.
  • Maintain: After the documents have been executed, the structures have been funded and the returns filed, we follow up each year in accordance with a specific maintenance program.  We maintain the plan and regularly check back with you and the client regarding changes in the client’s circumstances, which would warrant an update in strategy or documentation.

This Four Step Process -- Review - Design - Implement - Maintain -- succeeds in helping our clients reach positive results.  Four steps.  Four engagements.  Four fixed fees.  No pressure.  No guessing.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we can work together.  Contact us today at 310-207-8008 or 818-785-7579 or info@givnerkaye.com to discuss how we can support each other and maximize the benefits to the client.