Post-Mortem Planning

Post-Mortem Planning involves more than just submitting a final Form 1040 (U.S. Individual Income Tax Return). In fact, post-mortem planning is an essential part of the estate planning process as a whole. Professional post-mortem planners like the lawyers at Givner & Kaye will not only help you through this difficult emotional and legal process, but will also use the tax code and the tools available to post-mortem planning professionals to save you money in taxes. There are many important decisions to make during the post-mortem planning process that can have a huge impact on your final tax bill. Let the professionals at Givner & Kaye prepare and review all of the documents you need and provide you with the experienced post-mortem planning advice you deserve.

If a loved one has died, contact Givner & Kaye immediately. Time is of the essence.


"After a loved one has died we help finalize the deceased’s estate, including establishing and funding the required marital, bypass and survivor's subtrusts and (upon the surviving spouse's death) preparing a schedule for the allocation of estate taxes and expenses among the beneficiaries."

We Prepare:

  • Sub-trust Funding Documents
  • Required Notices To The Beneficiaries (Probate Code §16061.7)
  • Deeds and Other Documents to Transfer Assets to Subtrusts and/or Beneficiaries
  • Notices of Proposed Actions to Protect Trustees
  • Petitions to the Probate Court to Protect Trustees

We Review:

  • IRS Form 706 (Federal Estate Tax Return), and will handle the IRS Audit if requested, and Appeal and Tax Court Litigation if needed
  • All Documents of The Estate
  • Trustee's Application for Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • The Trustee's Accounting

We Counsel:

  • Fiduciaries on beneficiaries’ rights and interests, operating trusts in compliance with fiduciary laws and avoiding personal liability for their actions
  • Families with the objective being to complete the necessary processes and achieve the family’s goals as quickly as possible
  • Beneficiaries and Trustees in litigation

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