Sophisticated Retirement Plans

When it comes to retirement planning, the last thing you want is to delve into the complex and time-consuming process required to design the perfect retirement plan all by yourself. In fact, if you’re like most Americans, you probably haven’t even calculated how much you’ll need to save for your retirement! With so many different types of retirement plans out there, it can be difficult to decide which plan is best for you. The retirement planning and tax planning attorneys at Givner & Kaye can help you elaborate your financial needs and goals, choose the ideal retirement plan suited to your unique retirement objectives, and ensure that your retirement plan is implemented in a way that guarantees your continued comfort through the reliable withdrawal of funds and minimizes the income and estate taxes.

Find out how tax planning can help you retire in comfort.

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"With almost eight decades of experience our professionals have helped obtain more than 4,000 favorable determination letters from the National Office of the IRS for qualified plans."

We can advise you on retirement planning, including:

  • Selecting the correct type of retirement plan (and the right number of plans).
  • Selecting the best third party administrator and actuary
  • Choosing a beneficiary designation that will permit their heirs to enjoy the benefits of tax-deferred accumulation for decades.
  • Coordinating the beneficiary designation with the rest of your estate plan.
  • Structuring the trust to allow withdrawal of funds at a relatively low income-tax cost, to be able to deduct substantially more than the average amount and to protect the trust from future creditors.
  • Withdrawing funds from a tax-qualified retirement plan in ways that will minimize the income and estate taxes.
  • Undergoing an audit by a governmental agency.
  • Sophisticated tax savvy retirement plans
  • Analyzing and planning under the controlled and affiliated service group rules.

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